About Us

Macker International Apparel Inc. (Macker) is an apparel studio that specializes in the design and production of elite performance fabrics and garments for the action sports industry. Macker’s competitive advantage is their experience in design and manufacturing, with over twenty years in the industry. Our background stems from a life long passion for skiing, SUP, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, hockey and a number of other related sports. Our lifestyle is our livelihood!

All of our projects have evolved to include environmentally sustainable methods and practices to ensure future generations will have as much fun enjoying the planet as we have!

The History of PuckSkin

In 2001, while working on a multi-layering snowboard apparel project, Macker created a line of innovative antimicrobial base layer garments. Hockey has always been a part of everyday life for designer/creator Greg McMillan. Growing up in a typical Canadian hockey family, from playing on the back pond, rep hockey, junior and varsity, Greg immediately understood the value of applying the same bacteria fighting, moisture wicking properties to hockey base layers. The first antimicrobial developments came from the medical industry and the moisture control properties developed through a lot of trial and error. Product testing is crucial in determining what works and why. Having the ability to cross reference products and technology's used in other extreme sports was the key to the evolution of PuckSkin. With the advancement in ecological technologies, Macker's concentration focused on "eco" friendly applications starting with changing the antimicrobial agents from chemical based to natural silver and charcoal bamboo nano technology. In 2005, PuckSkin introduced its first "eco" products using natural bamboo fiber in our sock and wristband programs. Heading into 2010, all our fabrics use recycled polyester and PET recycled plastic bottles. Our eco-efficient controlled yarn re-polymerization process produces pure polyester fibers with superior quality, function and performance.

Over the last twelve years, Macker has continually evolved Puckskin and the company has successfully introduced products to specialty hockey and core related sports retailers throughout the world.

Future Plans

Macker International Apparel Inc. is committed to its PuckSkin product line and the technology used to create such unique garments. As Macker has received a great deal of interest and support from athletes involved in numerous other sports, we have trademarked the brand name "LAYER1" to evolve alongside PuckSkin and focus on providing a mix of technical base layer garments and bamboo sport socks. Check out the new line of "LAYER1" products at: www.layer1.ca.

As one of the more innovative companies in the action sports industry, you can expect more exciting developments in the future.


Fabric Technology

PuckSkin is made of a unique double layer textured microfibre. The innerlayer has a sueded finish for rapid wicking and next to skin comfort... READ MORE.


Play Safe

Deoron is safe to the skin. Regular laundering revives its permanent function... READ MORE.


188,650 Reasons why you need PuckSkin

The number of living bacteria found in your equipment can include:

  • 480 in shoulder pads
  • 4,500 in hockey pants
  • 6,200 in elbow pads
  • 9,400 in athletic support
  • 86,000 in shin pads

provides an excellent protection barrier against bacteria in your sports gear.

Laboratory test results compiled by testing for bacteria samples from five-by-five centimetre surfaces of eight pieces of hockey equipment.