Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Antibacterial” mean?

The term antibacterial means that there is a property or element that destroys or inhibits growth of bacteria.

What does “Naturally Antibacterial” mean?

Chemicals often used in the antibacterial treatments have been eliminated. These are chemicals added to fabric that wear off and are harsh on skin. PuckSkin is naturally antibacterial. Only naturally occurring elements like organic bamboo and silver are used in the fabrics. Silver is known as Mother Nature's Cleaner and has been used for hundreds of years to ensure cleanliness. Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria and retains these qualities for the lifetime of your PuckSkin garment(s).

What is the best way to clean/wash my PuckSkin garments?

Machine wash PuckSkin garments with the rest of your laundry. Wash in warm or cold water (making your wash more energy efficient). Turn the garment inside out and avoid washing with other items with Velcro to minimize fabric snags or snares. Washing it this way will significantly reduce the possibility of getting pulls in the fabric but it may not prevent them.

How should I dry PuckSkin clothing after washing?

PuckSkin should be hung to dry. It will dry quickly when left on a hanger. It's safe to put PuckSkin into the dryer, just ensure that any clothing with Velcro fasteners is not placed in the dryer.

How does PuckSkin wick moisture off my skin?

PuckSkin fabric has some of the most effective moisture wicking technology on the market. The mixture of the polyester and charcoal bamboo fibers create a more effective way of removing sweat from your skin. Superior moisture wicking removes the sweat to create a barrier between your skin and bacteria in hockey equipment.

Is PuckSkin durable?

PuckSkin is made from polyester. It's one of the most widely used, durable fabrics today. Our specially designed antibacterial fabric and superior wicking abilities ensure comfort while you're playing hard!!

What makes PuckSkin Thermal regulating?

The honeycomb pattern in the outer layer of fabric allows proper airflow. This enables body temperature to remain regulated and making you more comfortable.


188,650 Reasons why you need PuckSkin

The number of living bacteria found in your equipment can include:

  • 480 in shoulder pads
  • 4,500 in hockey pants
  • 6,200 in elbow pads
  • 9,400 in athletic support
  • 86,000 in shin pads

provides an excellent protection barrier against bacteria in your sports gear.

Laboratory test results compiled by testing for bacteria samples from five-by-five centimetre surfaces of eight pieces of hockey equipment.