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Germ Warfare and hockey Article

Read an article written by Hugh Adami - Canwest News Service.

Nano Technology

Natural Silver ion infused face yarns allow fabrics and garments to remain fresh all day by providing long-lasting protection against microbe growth that can cause foul odors, discoloration and mildew formation in textile materials. The Silver ion yarns bacteriostatic, odor controlling properties are permanently embedded into the yarn polymer, providing performance that won't wash or wear out.

In 2010, PuckSkin added natural nano charcoal bamboo ions infused to the inner layer yarn. This permanent feature is natural, has a super strong de-odor function and produces healthy anions.

On the ECO side, we are also using pure polyester fibers with superior quality, function and performance made from recycled polyester and PET plastic bottles.

Moisture Management

PuckSkin is made of a unique double-layer textured microfiber. The inner layer is a multi-surfaced textured yarn that dispurses perspiration instantly for rapid wicking and next to skin comfort. The outer layer is knit in a waffle texture which creates air flow allowing your perspiration to evaporate. During use, a player will feel lighter, dryer and warmer, allowing muscles to stay loose and flexible.

Deoron Yarns

The offensive alkaline odor is produced by the breakdown of amino acids into ammonia (NH 3) or trimethylamine compounds when they come in contact with the skin. The body excretes these compounds through perspiration and urine.

Deoron is a 100% natural fiber enhanced by graft polymerization of the free radical -COOH that neutralizes the odor by absorption of the ammonia NH3, The result is _COONH4 molecule of salt which is odorless and forms a dust like powder on the fiber.

PuckSkin deoron fiber labels are washable and the odor eliminating performance will last as long as the life of the deoron fiber.

Deoron is safe to the skin and regular laundering revives its permanent function.


Moisture Management

Deoron Yarns