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"I like Puckskin because it feels like you your aren't even wearing any under gear. The fabric is so light weight and not tight up against your skin. The undergarments keeps me completely dry, when I take the stuff off my skin is dry. With most under gears I get a small rash on the back of my arms, and also on my back. with these undergarments I get none" Greg Gardner - Prince George Cougars WHL

"I have been using Puckskin for over 2 years now and I am yet to find a better undergarment. Puckskin is incredibly light weight and keeps you remarkably dry. All of my Puckskin products have remained not only tear free, but odor free as well."
-Elliot Mashford, F Squamish Wolf Pack

Puckskin doesn't feel like your regular undergarment. The materials used for it are really soft and it feels like you're wearing nothing. The loose fit ensures that movement isn't restricted. In terms of performance, it kept me cool even though it was pretty warm inside the arena. I was sweating profusely, but i never felt like i was overheating. Compared to other products which sort of chaffs your skin, I've never had problems with the PuckSkin. Wicking wise it does a very good job and I'm dry after the game. It also has antibacterial properties which are good for people with sensitive skin. When I used to wear regular t shirts under I would get rashes and even fungal infections. After using Puckskin my skin ailments gradually disappeared. I also like to use Puckskin even when I'm off ice. Running, working out, it serves as a great base layer. Give it a shot, you guys won't be disappointed! ANDOY - MOD SQUAD HOCKEY

“I was an avid hockey player skating 2-3 times a week before being diagnosed with cancer. The year off while undergoing chemotherapy was excruciating. My Dr. advised me not to play for at least another 3 months after chemo due to very low tolerance to bacteria and high risk of infection. I purchased Puckskin for protection from infection and specifically to get back on the ice as soon as possible. I started playing again 2 weeks after my last chemo treatment and thanks to Puckskin never had any problems. The clothing looks good, is really comfortable and I find myself wearing it almost daily.” I look forward to your next product line. Thanks. Yours truly, Joel Finkelstein


My son for many years has developed a rash during hockey season often referred to as "hockey rash". We have gone through numerous creams, pills, gels and visits to the doctor to attempt to alleviate the hockey rash. We have also purchased numerous high end undergarments and none have helped until now. This season it was suggested he try the "Puckskin" undergarment and the results have been amazing! The rash is gone, his skin has cleared-up and the open wounds have healed. Puckskin has certainly been a winner! John Wilson, Okotoks, Alberta

Puckskins are the BEST! My son constantly had rashes on his arms and legs from his equipment, all season long. We tried several different medicated creams to clear the rash and though the creams cleared up the rash as soon as we stopped using them the rashes were back. We tried the Puckskin top and bottoms and voila the rashes disappeared! No more creams and the expense of them. The micro bacterial material is the secret. Not only do the Puckskins stop the rashes, but my son enjoys the how light they are and how much cooler he feels wearing them. He’ll never play hockey without them now! Heidi Luczak - Hockey Mom Website Coordinator and Secretary of Vancouver Minor Hockey www.vmha.com

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"Best product we have ever sold! Great Service and NO RETURNS!" Danny Luongo - Larry's Sports


"Great product, Awesome Stuff! Our instructors are all wearing PuckSkin and we plan to do a safety seminar to explain the benefits of PuckSkin to our emerging young stars." Gary Kremsater- JUNIOR PREP CAMP